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Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Things to know about me:
- Short
- Loves hugs
- Very very very short memory span
- Will eat pretty much anything

Oh and I like poetry :) and music: alternative, hardcore, metalcore or rock

Personal Quote: life is nothing but smoke and mirrors all you need is a sledgehammer and a mahoosive fourleaf clover
  • Listening to: Ed Sheeran - X
Not quite sure why I'm writing this. It's just that last night it was pointed out to me that I have a tendency to push people away. It's not like it's intentional, I'm just aware that (like so many people before me) there are more than a few parts of me that I would prefer to keep hidden.

It's not that I'm ashamed of the things that shape me, well maybe I'm a little ashamed. Ashamed isn't the right word..... guilty, I'm guilty to be me.

I try too hard to protect the people that I forget don't really need protecting at all. I guess I feel like I have to save people from my demons, forgetting that they chose to meet them when they chose to know me.

I'm just too tired to carry on most days, but I still do. I carry on because there is nothing else really is there? If there is, someone please point it out because I can't seem to see it just now.

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thank you for the fav :)
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Thank you for the favourite, my dear. Very appreciated. How are your feet? :D
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Welcome :) I appreciated reading it :)

They are doing much better thanks :3 xx
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Glad you liked it. And good. Speaking of feet and movement, do you want me to come to yours on wednesday? So you don't have to walk.
Ali-St Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Fran, I'm getting really worried. Contact me soon, okay? Love you. xxx
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